Thursday, October 31, 2013

Get Started with BLOOG

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Excellent KR808D-1 batteries at bargain prices with many appealing colors to choose from. Just $11.99 for any size battery (short, regular or long), $6.95 for USB chargers. Use "bloogsback" at checkout to get additional 20% off on any order.

BLOOG cartomizers provide GREAT consumer value. They score VERY high in the following categories: 

  • Quality - Not a single dud has been encountered in the 50+ cartomizers purchased so far by us or any known patron.  Learn more about duds here.
  • Vapor Production - BLOOG cartomizers generate some of the best vapor volume and texture in the market place today.
  • Stamina - The cartridges are filled to capacity which gives an average user 2 full days of vaping. 
  • Flavor - Though flavor preference is a personal choice, Bloog offers some of the most realistic tobacco flavors available on the market today as well as very rich sweet flavors.
$10.99 per 5 pack
Use code "bloogsback" at checkout to get additional 20% off any order.

Free Shipping on orders over $50
$3.22 on all other orders

Friday, October 25, 2013

BLACKLIST Alert - Regal Ecigs

A brand with a pompous name is blacklisted for the most obvious reason....It is the only ecig brand we have encountered that costs more then tobacco cigarettes (also called analog cigarettes). $20 disposables, $60 express starter kits and $50 per 5pack of disposable cartomizers makes any savvy ecig consumer cringe.

Your Majesty,
When you have the imperial hubris to charge $50 for a product that has a fair market value of $10, you MUST include a silver coin. Furthermore, you must go F%#K yourself!

Checkout how this royal turkey stacks up against its competition in the D1 category.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Disposable E-Cigars for Under $20

Kanger 1500 Puffs Disposable Cuban
$10.95 + $2.25 S&H


$14.95 each + $5.00 S&H
5 for $59.95 (Free Shipping)


Vape Master Red or Black 1000 Puffs, 18mg Nicotine
$16.95 each / 3 for $44.95 (Free Shipping)

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