Friday, September 20, 2013

E Cig Compatibility Brand Matching

E cigarette compatibility refers to identifying pre-filled cartomizer brands whose thread pattern is compatible with the battery owned by a consumer.  When I started doing research for, I quickly realized that clear and accurate information was very difficult to come by. I've examined whatever charts and lists were available at the time and found them to be rather "thin" with many contradictions and inaccuracies. So I setout to build the best compatibility charts in the world along with side-by-side pricing information.

It seemed so simple, just contact each vendor and ask what thread pattern is used by their cartomizers. Well guess what....most ignored my request or replied that their cartomizers are only compatible with their  batteries (LIE!). However, most of the D1 and 510 brands did not mind answering my question. So here's my conclusion:
  • ALL pre-filled cartomizers are split into four thread patterns: D1(KR808D-1), E9(KR808D-2), 510 and RN4081.When you examine these 4 charts it is easy to conclude that the industry is moving toward 2 standards D1 and 510. This also explains why brands that most likely utilize E9 and RN4081 declined to answer my question.
D1 Battery
D1 Cartomizer

D1 Brands give you the best options and value in the pre-filled cartomizer market today. The only drawback is that they do not have great over-the-counter presence so the consumer is limited to purchasing online.

510 Battery
510 Cartomizer

510 Brands are a close second to D1. This group has much better over-the-counter presence with Blu, an industry giant owned by a major tobacco company, leading the way with strong distribution. These cartomizers have the capacity to store 20% more juice and are priced accordingly.

E9 Battery
E9 Cartomizer
E9 brands are the worst of 2 worlds. Fewer choices, weak over-the-counter presence and higher parts replacement cost. Many brands like Bloog and LeCig already phased out their E9 product line but others like GreenSmoke and SouthBeachSmoke continue to labor on.

RN4081 Battery
RN4081 Cartomizer
RN4081 brands have over-the-counter presence with NJoy and Logic leading the way but the choices of compatible brands is very poor and expensive. Many UK brands utilize this pattern as well but that does nothing for US consumers.

Even with these closeups it is dificult to tell D1 apart from E9 and 510 apart from RN4081. If you are still not sure which one is yours, please visit ecig-filter brand matching tool.

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