Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Why MOST Ecig Starter Kits are Ripoffs

Here's a typical Express Starter kit offer from Green Smoke, one of the leading internet brands:

1 automatic e-cigarette battery, 5 FlavorMaxTM cartomizers, 1 USB cigarette and 1 Home Charger Kit (USB charger and wall adapter), a user guide and membership card – PLUS a FREE deluxe carrying case.

Here whats wrong with this picture:
  • Only 1 battery that's automatic but MANUAL batteries are practically a MUST for a complete E-Cig vaping experience.
  • Includes a second USB passthru battery. This is the least popular type of a battery that can only be used wherever a USB connection is within reach.
  • Green Smoke batteries are E9 compatible.  There are 4 different thread patterns on the market today, Green Smoke's thread pattern is compatible with fewer brands then the others. Furthermore, the universe of compatible E9 brands is shrinking as many smaller vendors are transitioning out of this product line (list of E9 compatible brands here). Realizing this situations, E9 brands will mislead consumers by stating that their cartridges(cartomizers) are only compatible with their batteries (NOT TRUE!).
  • Here a fair market price of each of the items in this kit. 1 automatic and 1 USB battery ($21), usb charger ($6), wall ($5) NOTE: Wall charger may not be needed as many users already own one. 5 pack of cartomizers ($12), carrying case ($8), membership card (WTF?!?!).

    Total Fair Market Value = $52
  • Your Price = $60
This is an obvious ripoff 
Bundling shouldn't cost YOU

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